The key features you should evaluate when considering a paystub generator.

Features to Look for in a Paystub Generator

Egon Tiderman
March 08, 2020

Online paystub generators vary greatly based on their ease of use and the features they offer. If you are looking for a paystub maker to create and manage paystubs for your employees, there are various characteristics you should evaluate. There are both paid and free paystub creators available on the internet, with the main difference being the features and customizations options they offer. 

What Is a Paystub?

A paystub or check stub is a document that describes and breaks down the paycheck given by an employer to their employee. The paystub works the same whether the employee is contractual, permanent, full-time, or part-time. The paystub helps document the amount of compensation received. You will be asked to present this documentation if you apply for a loan, an apartment or try to secure a mortgage. Without a paystub, those processes can quickly get messy.

Features to Look for in a Paystub Generator

Below is a list of features you should look for when choosing an online paystub maker.  

Automated Calculations & Formatting

What would be the point of using an online paystub generator if they don’t offer proper formatting and calculation options? You know the answer, and to your surprise, many service offerings on the internet skip these features. The next time you are looking for a perfect paystub generator for you, pay attention to these in the list of features, as they will significantly help you with your payroll management and make your documentation easier. 

Paystubs Based on State & Federal Tax Requirements

Many automated systems may calculate the federal tax that would be taken out of your pay, but what about at the state level?  The states all have their own unique taxing mechanisms and a good paystub generator should be automatically apply the right tax deductions for every state. It should also calculate the right amount of tax based on any applicable deductions, your marital status and how many children you may have. 

Choice of Templates

It is considered more of an aesthetic feature but it plays a part in defining your goals towards personalization. Based on your requirements, the online paystub maker should offer a suitable template that includes all the information you want. Some of the better ones also allow you to upload a logo. 

Full Customer Support

Customer support is an important feature. Does the generator have a real human ready to help you with any questions before you purchase your stubs? Can they help explain the default calculations? 

Preview & Instant Generation

The better ones usually let you preview the paystub before you buy and make any last minute changes. Not only does it save you time and headaches, you can have the comfort of knowing what your paystub will look like before you pay.  

Export Options

What’s the point of creating a paystub when you can’t export it per your requirements? Some websites only offer you a downloadable image, which might leave you unable to use it the way you need. Images are not considered authentic when it comes to important documents like paystubs. Choose the paystub creator with multiple export options, so you can ensure your efforts to create one won’t go in vain. 

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